Hybrid off-grid solar power for Telecom 
High reliability and performance 
Significant OPEX savings

With the increasing demand for Internet access and mobile services globally, telecom operators need to bring connectivity to remote and rural areas without a grid connection. This presents network reliability and performance concerns and puts operators under pressure to control the impact of ongoing high energy costs on bottom line profitability.

There is growing interest in deploying renewable solar power systems to tackle the energy-related costs and operating challenges at remote off-grid telecom sites.

A hybrid off-grid solar power solution maximizes the use of solar power and batteries for energy storage. This boosts overall reliability and performance, while significantly reducing fuel expenses and transportation costs, together with CO2 emissions.

TSS hybrid off-grid solar solution

The TSS hybrid off-grid solar solution combines solar, and any other renewable energy source, with energy storage batteries. The hybrid system also supports the integration of a diesel generator as back-up. A hybrid controller optimizes the dispatch of energy resources, allowing the system to maximize renewable energy usage and storage, while minimizing fossil fuel costs.

Optimizing battery charging and minimizing diesel generator runtime together greatly reduce fuel consumption and refueling costs, as well as the frequency of costly on-site visits for maintenance and upgrades.

TSS focus on designing solar solutions with high reliability and performance in remote and off-grid areas

• TSS hybrid off-grid solar solutions are designed and tested for ultra-reliability and energy efficiency, including our in-house engineered charge controller and advanced battery management.
• We focus on ease of operation, our systems are designed to operate independently and reliably for prolonged periods in extreme conditions.

Key Benefits:

  • Minimizes OPEX and CO2 footprint
  • Diesel generator runtime reduction of 80% or better
  • Refueling and maintenance interval 6 months or better
  • Energy efficient – no cooling of batteries and controllers required

Telecom Solar Systems